About Zildjian Reviews

Honest, objective reviews of Zildjian cymbals by everyday drummers who currently own, have owned or have played the cymbals in a variety of environments. This website was created and is maintained by the good folks of the ‘Everything Zildjian’ thread on the Pearl Drummers Forum.

We started out by posting various reviews in that thread, but soon realized that with well over 7,000 posts and growing, it was extremely difficult, if not impossible, to actually find them. So we created this site as an extension of that thread, making our reviews easily accessible to those who may be interested in reading them.
These reviews aren’t just based on the official descriptions or recordings of the cymbals. We have actually played them in real life, and have taken the time to review them and share those reviews. Keep in mind though that top end Zildjian cymbals are individually cast, so there are always slight variations between cymbals, even if you compare otherwise identical models. That’s why we believe you should use this site only as a starting guide. It is always best to try before you buy.

You may notice that we aren’t reviewing any of the entry level B8 alloy sheet bronze series (ZBT, ZXT, ZXTi Titanium, Planet Z, etc.), only the B20 alloy cast series (Avedis, A Custom, K, K Constantinople, K Custom, Z Custom and FX). That’s because the B8 alloy sheet bronze cymbals are an affordable alternative to cast cymbals, and are not really intended for professional use.

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